The Late Bloom

The Late Bloom is produced by Illastrate (Black Noise/Eddie Coleman’s Friday Night Theme Music), Lex Boogie from the Bronx (Broady Champs/School of Sharks) and Joe D. (Gods’illa), each artist contributing at least three songs, vocals and interludes compiled into a ten track project that captures the laughter, joy and sometimes pain of a late bloomer.

More of an audio document than an album, The Late Bloom is a celebration of life and coming into your own, being comfortable in your own skin. It is a statement project, made to create a space for artistry without the limitations of societal pressures, the “sophomore jinx” or any other made up obstacle set to intimidate and stop an artist from achieving their full potential. It is a story of growth, made to share and understand, not to be “liked”. Simply put, The Late Bloom is the score for those of us unafraid to take a chance at doing and being exactly what we want.

“Just Bloom”

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Boog Brown, The Late Bloom
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“Before The Bloom”: A Conversation with Producer, Lex Boogie

“Before The Bloom”: A Conversation with Producer, Joe D.

“Before The Bloom”: A Conversation with Producer, Illastrate.