Audio – “Dope Girl Magic”

Detroit native Boog Brown brings you yet another fierce joint, reinforcing her position as one of the most gifted of today’s emcees. As one of the most empowered lyricists in the game, Boog’s spits this unapologetic rhyme that proves why she is not to be boxed in on the “female” artist front; she is at the top of the game, regardless of gender.
Why does Boog Brown rap like she’s the s**t? Because, let’s face it, she IS.

Produced by Illastrate, the beat is some snowy weather, Buick Regal type joint; its a Midwest classic!.
Although she first penned Dope Girl Magic four years ago, it has never been cut for release until now. Boog’s favorite track to perform live, her fans are going to be more than excited to finally be able to get their hands on this.
released 17 April 2012
Produced by Illastrate